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Shooting Team

Oregon Security Training and the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

For the past few years I have taken a team of competitive shooters to the G.S.S.F. matches. We compete in the civilian team event.

The team uses Glock Pistols for this event.

Each team member is responsible for his or her individual score, then the team score is a combination of the individuals’ scores.

As of the posting of this website, Team Oregon Security Training has placed third place on three separate occasions. Way to go team!

Fourth Place. Roseburg, OR
Third Place. Shelton, WA
Third Place. Fernan, ID
Third Place. Shelton, WA

This year, we hope to take at least one and possibly more second-place finishes, and a first place is not out of the question.

The team is hand-selected. If you are interested contact us.

We are currently looking for a few good people to join our shooting team! Contact us for details.

Be Safe Out There!