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Where are the classes held?

All classes are held at Rolling Rock Farm 24949 SW Baker rd Sherwood, OR. 97140.

How do I get started in this field?

You came to the right place. Browse this site, and if you have any questions that can not be answered from this web site please call us at (503) 708-7781 or email us at dougt@oregonsecuritytraining.com

What does D.P.S.S.T. stand for?

Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

How old do I have to be to get “certified” as a Security Professional?

You must have a clean record (criminal). You must be at least eighteen years old to be a Certified Security Professional. To work as an Armed Security Officer you must be at least twenty one.

How often do I need to re-certify as a Security Provider?

As an unarmed officer you must re-certify every two years. As an armed officer you must complete the armed refresher course every year.

What does it cost to get certified as a Security Provider?

Please contact us for pricing details.

What is the law on being certified?

In the State of Oregon if you want to work in the security field you now have to go through training. If you are caught working without a license or certification you can be fined up to $1500.00.

I am working for Company X Security. Do we need to have anyone with a special license?

Yes, you will need an Executive Security Manager license, which you are able to get through D.P.S.S.T. All of your officers will need to be certified.

What do we do with the paperwork?

It is the responsibility of the student to get their paperwork turned in correctly. It is not the responsibility of your company or the instructor. All paperwork needs to be turned in to D.P.S.S.T.

I heard about your training from Mr. J. Doe. How do I know you are as good as I have heard?

I have 17 years of experience working in the security field and 5 years instructing. I have hundreds of confidential instructor evaluations from my students.

What is the difference between a Guard and a Security Professional?

The guard is the stereotype that you see on television. Just as in many professions, what is portrayed is NOT reality. The security provider has dedicated his/her life to protecting lives and property in that order. We are the ones who watch over you, and yours, to keep you and your property safe. We make it possible for you to say “Nothing ever happens around here.” EXACTLY!

Why do I need training?

It is your right to own a firearm (U.S. Constitution Amendment II). It is your responsibility to use it safely. Read the owners manual on your firearm(s), and then get to a class. It will be educational, fun, and it may save your life someday!

I have a Wikerbill 101 and my significant other is afraid of them. How can you help?

Fear is a strong emotion, and ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge. We at Oregon Security Training take the time to explain thing in terms that people can relate to in a safe, relaxed training environment.

I heard that the Glock is the best gun around for personal protection. Is that true?

Some feel it is, but it does come down to personal opinion.

I want to carry my firearm for protection on me at all times. How do I do that?

We offer a Concealed Handgun License class that will enable you to carry your firearm with you.

Be Safe Out There!