Oregon Security Training

Be Safe Out There!

Situational Awareness Seminar

This seminar is not endorsed by, nor is there training in these skills provided by the D.P.S.S.T.

That is exactly why we need it so much!

Oregon Security Training has compiled some basic Officer Safety information gathered over the past two decades in the Security Industry. This information is based on industry training, law enforcement training, and practical experience.

NOTE: This will be an approximately four hour (4) seminar, and may run long depending on attendance.

NO LOADED WEAPONS ALLOWED IN THE TRAINING AREA. We will have a safe area to secure any firearms, and any other weapons that you may bring with you.

Warning: this seminar may not be inline with your company policy. We strive to make this reality based. You must follow company policy while in the employ of that company.

We will cover several topics that will help you to do your job, and go home safely.

There will be several hand outs, a written exam, as well as a demonstrated skills exercise. You will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of training.

To schedule a Situational Awareness Seminar, please contact us.

Be Safe Out There!