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Oregon CHL

Note: Due to the topics discussed, and the nature of this course is not recommended for beginners, or minors. This course is graphic. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to take this course, and twenty-one (21) is recommended.

If you have decided that you are trained, and ready to accept the additional responsibilities of obtaining a Concealed Handgun License for Oregon then this class is tailor-made for you.

Using material from the NRA training courses, Oregon law, and several other industry-standard training courses we have compiled a four-hour course designed to provide previously trained individuals who wish to get their Concealed Handgun License (C.H.L.) for Oregon.

The topics we will be discussing cover the responsibilities associated with carrying a firearm concealed.

The laws of Oregon pertaining to this subject, discussions on what to do in a “critical incident,” and the alternatives to the use of deadly force. We will cover a lot of ground in a short time. This is why it is not recommended for those who have not received any additional training.

If you think you are ready for this level of responsibility then call or ‘contact us’ today

C.H.L. Class is 4-hours long and covers the minimum training required for an Oregon Concealed Handgun License.

To schedule an Oregon Concealed Handgun License Training Course (C.H.L.) Course, please contact us.

Be Safe Out There!