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DPSST Unarmed Security

This is a 14-hour course required by law for ALL security people who want to work in the state of Oregon.

The D.P.S.S.T. (Department of Public Safety, Standards, and Training) is the government agency in charge of overseeing this training, certifying instructors, and security providers. They also license companies who provide security services.

The NEW “ESSENTIALS” We began this training 3 months prior to official release along with 5 other instructors as a Beta” test. The 14-hour course is up and running!

This training must be conducted by a DPSST Certified Instructor. The NEW “ESSESTIALS” course covers the following topics:

Working in the private security industry. Three emergency calls (mimick 9111 calls), 3 written reports, & 3 arrests by citizen will be conducted durring this two (2) day 14.0 hr course. Deportment and ethics cultural dynamics, when and how to notify public authorities, the role of the private security officer, reporting emergencies, fundamentals of patroling, citizen contacts in the field, tactical communication with angry hostile people, and laws that apply to the security professional just to cover a few.

This class is offered to anyone the law allows who is interested in the exciting new security industry.

Basic Unarmed Refresher Training

Every 2-years the Security Specialist must re-certify, and that requires a review of training. This 4-hour course is also required by law, to renew a certification. It is also required for ALL Armed Security Providers as well to renew an Armed Upgrade Certification.

NOTE: You MAY opt to take the NEW “ESSENTIALS” (14.0 hrs) as a refresher, OR take the OLD “BASIC” course (that will eventually will be updated ASAP)

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Be Safe Out There!