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DEF-TAC Defensive Tactics Course

(6 or more students CONFIRMED to schedule class)

DEF-TAC: This eight (8.0+hr) course is an introductory/refresher training course it can be used as BOTH as required by policy. The course picks up where the DPSST Un-Armed course leaves off and ends Just prior to the DPSST Armed Up-Grade. This is NOT a DPSST certified training course. They don’t offer this training to private persons, that’s why WE DO!

This course starts with de-escalation and verbal communication skills and covers use of force, ASR (Aerosol Subject Restraints) (O.C. Pepper Spray), expandable baton (using two schools of training), and handcuffing. With two instructors who have 90 years of combined experience and training behind them, it just makes sense to get trained in the proper use of the tools you carry on duty with these instructors’ experience.

Equipment: comfortable duty attire (NO Sweats), Duty belt and Duty gear (NOTE: a “Safe Area” will be provided for ALL firearms including CHL), EDC (Electronic Device Compliant), O.C. Pepper Spray (If you do not have O.C. it’s ok- we will discuss options), ASP, or Monadnock expandable baton, Duty Handcuffs ASP, or Peerless recommended, but ANY duty ready cuff using STANDARD handcuff keys is ok, and two (2) handcuff keys.

NOTE: a “Straight Stick” or Non-Collapsible baton may be substituted for an expandable baton (Check employer policy).

A certificate of training will be presented upon completion of training

To schedule a Defensive Tactics class, please contact us.

Be Safe Out There!