Oregon Security Training

Be Safe Out There!

Basic Handgun

(minimum of 4 people)

This eight (8.0 hr) course covers the BASIC CHL (Concealed Handgun License) handgun Safety Training requirements and ADDs a RANGE component.

We will be “Hands-On” at the gun range.

We will be shooting, using the Basic Fundamentals of handgun shooting, in a safe controlled environment

(NOTE: Outdoor Range wear clothing appropriate to the weather). We will improve on your shooting skills using tested proven training techniques that will maximize the skills you have with the fewest movements to keep you safe.

If you have a VALID CHL but never got a chance to shoot… We can take care of that, just take the class.

If you are already an “ok” shooter we’ll make you better.

If you are “Good” we will hone your skills and strive to make you even “Better”.

A certificate of completion that EXCEEDS the state requirements for a CHL will be issued upon completion of training.

To schedule a Basic Handgun class, please contact us.

Be Safe Out There!