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ASP Handcuffing Course

(6 or more students required)

This is a four-hour Handcuff class (4.0).

Handcuffs provide an enhancement to officer/public safety.

The use of handcuffs as a temporary restraining device has been a basic skill for private and public protection providers and is a proven protective measure.

This course covers nomenclature, storage/usage, tactics, physical practice (you will be handcuffed), prisoner/operator placement, and other valuable skills needed to properly use handcuffs.

Required Equip: at least one pair of Duty Handcuffs, (must use a STANDARD handcuff key), 2 handcuff keys, comfortable clothing suitable for training (No SWEATS), Duty Belt, and on Duty Gear

(NOTE: a “Safe Area” will be established for all firearms, including CHL firearms)

All participants must exhibit a positive safety-minded attitude.

Recommended: ASP Handcuffs or Peerless Stainless or Nickel finish no “Blued” Cuffs, or aftermarket Cuffs PLEASE.

A Certificate of Training will be presented upon completion of training

To schedule a Handcuffing class, please contact us.

Be Safe Out There!