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ASP Expandable Baton Courses

(6 or more students CONFIRMED to schedule these courses)

Description: This is a CERTIFIED ASP course notice of at least 2 weeks is required for scheduling due to factory requirements. There are two training options:

The first is a BASIC course covering ONLY the proper care, maintenance carrying, use moves, and techniques that ASP recommends in the proper use of the expandable baton.

The BASIC-PlUS course adds Use of Force training, and additional practice time on repeated drills and skills.

NOTE: You should be capable of exerting energy at a reasonable pace and wear clothing typically worn on duty (no sweats).

Your on-duty equipment must be worn for this course We will provide a “Safe Area” to store any firearms, including CHL, that are brought to the class. This covers both the four (4.0) hour or eight (8.0) hour course.

This course requires an ASP product in duty-ready condition. NO after-market products allowed. (Skill Training and quality control issues)

This course is taught under STRICT safety constraints and no horseplay or unsafe behavior will be tolerated.

An ASP Factory Certification will be presented upon completion of training.

To schedule an ASP Expandable Baton Training class, please contact us.


Be Safe Out There!