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About Us

Douglas M. Tollen, Owner
Executive Security Manager / Senior Trainer
Oregon Security Training

I have been protecting lives and property as a Professional Security Specialist since 1985.

In 1997 I became a D.P.S.S.T. Certified Private Security Armed and Unarmed Security Instructor. I have trained hundreds of security professionals in the new security industry.

As an Interim Trainer for the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training I have trained New Executive Managers, Supervisory Managers, and Unarmed and Armed Instructors to promote the ethics, standards, and values that our new security industry strives to achieve.

I have owned my own company (Oregon Security Training) since 2000, and have been working exclusively as a full time Instructor/Trainer since January 2002.


  • Twenty-Three (23) years experience in the Security Profession as a Security Officer, Supervisor, Trainer, and Company Owner (Executive Manager License)
  • Graduated Sherwood Union High School, 1985
  • Graduated Clackamas Community College AS. degree in Criminal justice, and law enforcement, 1991
  • Attended and completed two Reserve Police Officer Academies (Newberg P.D. 1987, Clackamas County Sheriffs Department 1991)
  • Reserve Police Officer (Newberg Police Department 1988-’89)
  • D.P.S.S.T. Certified Un-Armed Security Professional Instructor
  • D.P.S.S.T. Certified Armed Security Professional Instructor
  • D.P.S.S.T. Interim Trainer; Training for Certification: Executive Managers, Supervisory Managers, Unarmed Instructors, and Armed Instructors
  • N.R.A. Member
  • N.R.A. Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Development School (Handgun/Shotgun)
  • N.R.A. Certified Basic Pistol Instructor
  • N.R.A. Certified Basic Rifle Instructor
  • N.R.A. Certified Basic Shotgun Instructor
  • N.R.A. Certified Personal Protection Instructor
  • N.R.A. Certified Home Firearms Safety Instructor
  • Glock Certified Armorer
  • ASP Expandable Baton Instructor
  • ASP Handcuffing Instructor
  • Numerous industry training courses, Tactical Edge Street Survival “Win” seminar ’89, Lt. (Ret) Dennis Tueller- Shoot, Move, And Communicate seminar. Clyde Caceres Knife-Counter-Knife Training seminar. Jim Jacobe’s Advanced Personal Security Training.

Be Safe Out There!